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Tromsø has around 750 parking places available on the city streets. Parking meters accept coins and credit cards. There is no free parking in the city center during the daytime. If you are at a place without a parking meter, you should probably not park there.

Active investigation duty

The Norwegian Road Traffic Act states that everyone driving in this country have a duty to understand and follow rules and regulations. And everyone driving a vehicle in Norway has an active investigation duty. This means that whenever you are parking a vehicle, you have a duty to make yourself acquainted with the parking regulations in the area. You have to make sure that you are allowed to park in the place you have chosen.

Indoor parking


Entrance Fjellet

Entrance to the underground car park

Fjellet is an underground car park, which spans most of the city centre. The facility uses an automated barrier system, when entering the underground car park you get a single use paper ticket, and the barrier opens. You park the car in an empty spot, and can leave it there for as long as you like. Before retrieving your car you simply pay the ticket in one of the payment machines located near the entrance then get your car and use the same ticket in the barrier on your way out.


Seminaret parkeringshus


Seminaret is a parking facility located at the “entrance” to the city, just north of the bridge. Parking for the general public is on the upper level. The lower level is reserved for residents with special permits. Seminaret uses a standard payment system where you pay in advance on the machine inside.

Appealing a parking fine

If you have been unfortunate enough to receive a parking fine and you disagree with the decision to fine your car, you have the option to appeal. This must be done within three weeks, and the fine have to be paid in full even if status of the appeal is still pending. If the reasons for your appeal is accepted and the fine is terminated, you will get the money refunded. If you wish to write an appeal,  you can fill out the form on our appeal page, just enter the case number (saksnummer) and the cars licence plate number (bilkjennemerke) or you can send us an e-mail, or letter.

The appeal must contain:

  • Case number (Saksnummer).
  • The cars licence plate number (bilkjennemerke).
  • The date on the fine.
  • Your full name and address, and also what country.
  • E-mail address.
  • The reason for your appeal
  • Any documentation pertaining to the case.

Wrong or incomplete information in the appeal may cause the appeal to be rejected.

The Norwegian Road Traffic Act states that everyone driving in this country have a duty to understand and follow rules and regulations. This means that claiming you don’t understand the rules, or that you couldn’t read the sign, is not a valid cause to appeal.

Questions about parking in Tromsø?

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